Template management

Template Management

document generation as a service for beautifully personalised documents

You didn’t get into business to manage the time consuming, costly process of building and managing document templates. But we did. Free up I.T. resources and let the experts manage document generation on your behalf.

Document Generation is the process of generating documents dynamically. This means that the content of each document is customised for the intended recipient. We are all familiar with bank statements and their personalised data with relates to our personal account. This is a dynamically generated document.

Organisations who send a large volume of document to clients, often through multiple channels (web, mobile, print), can struggle to keep track of the growing number of templates that they have for all of the different products and customer groups they service. In ofter cases, the number of templates grow out of control and become increasingly costly and time consuming to manage. This becomes a drain on much sought after I.T. resources.

Our template management/document generation service allows clients to outsource this function to our specialist team. We will analyse all of your existing document templates and the business logic that drives them. We will re-built them in our system, rationalising them to the minimum quantity required. Instead of a template for every slight change in a product or policy, we will use business rules to dynamically change template content.

Now, your clients can receive beautiful trans-promotional documents highly personalised to them. Bills, statements, invoices are all documents that your customers  spend time to review. Make this communication opportunity count.


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