Process audit

Process Audit

understand what a GLB solution can do for you

Often, when a business is considering outsourcing their back office function it can be a challenge to understand what a solution might like look for them. What kind of savings can be achieve, what efficiencies can be made and what kind of ROI can one expect?

A process audit is our tried and tested approach for managing such eventualities. We place an audit team on site in your premises, consisting of a Business Analyst and a Project Manager at the very minimum. Depending on the size of the organisation and the number of processes to be audited, this team can be increased as needed.

The audit team will watch and partake in every back office process. They will document the existing process, drawing detailed process flows in order to gain an intimate understanding of how the tasks are currently organised. We will analyse how long each process takes, the head count required and the costs associated with each process. We will then compare this to our knowledge of the industry average. Again, depending on the size of the project this can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Once the audit is complete we will take our findings back to discuss with our wider team. In conjunction with our solutions architect, the audit team will assist in preparing a “future state” document. This document will detail how we believe your back office function could look in an outsourced model. We will compare pre and post outsource metrics such as cost, head count and time taken. The future state proposal is a collaborative effort and we would expect the client to provide input as to what they feel would work best for their organisation.

Finally, once an end solution has been agreed upon, we will develop a detailed project plan. This will document a roadmap as to how we propose to migrate to an outsourced solution. This plan will cover roles, responsibilities, mile stones and deadlines. By using this tried and tested approach, we have ensured a smooth, successful transition for many clients of scale often covering many geographic locations.


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