E-document Delivery

E-Document Delivery

your branded digital mailbox

The Green Letterbox digital mailbox solution is a secure platform that allows businesses to send documents to their customers online in a way that is managed under bank level security, cost effective and user friendly.

The Green Letterbox digital mailbox is a simple solution for what can often be a complex problem. Our solution allows companies to benefit from a best in class digital inbox, hosted on a sub domain of their own website, but managed by us. It’s not uncommon for companies to save up to 80% of their customer communication costs by going digital with the GLB digital mailbox.

Your customers will benefit from a simple product for receiving, viewing and storing their documents. All users will have a username and login to access up to 7 years of documents. Typical use cases for the GLB digital mailbox solution are for sending Invoices, Credit notes, Statements, Insurance renewals, Payslips, P60’s, Notices, Reminders and Orders to Pay amongst many other secure document types.

Users of the system can easily download or print their own documents, and where required, make secure payments through the platform also.

This system has full reporting and analytics which can determine if documents have been opened or not received. Reminders can be automatically sent, and e-docs can be printed if they have not been opened or actioned after a certain time. Contact us today for a demo and to see what we can do for you!


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