Customer onboarding

New Customer On-boarding

View On-boarding as an opportunity, not a chore

With our customer on-boarding service, we allow clients to turn this back office function into an asset, by allowing them to gain new customers at a higher rate and ensure that more value is derived from existing customers.

We are all familiar with how labor intensive the new account set-up process can be. The need to collect and provide proof of address, copy of identification, bank statements etc. can be off-putting to potential clients at the best of times. When this process takes longer than required, your new client relationship suffers.

Outsourcing this process to a provider that has the systems to automate a large portion of the client on-boarding process can significantly improve turn around times. We will receive and review all new client applications. We review supporting documentation in order to verify if the pack is sufficient to comply with legislative or company policies. Only when a new account pack has been verified will we pass it to you. If not verified, we will manage the back and forth communication with the customer until complete.

We will maintain your brand identity at all times through out the process, so for your customer they will always feel like they are dealing directly with your staff. We endeavour to undergo thorough training before a client on-boarding solution can go live. We learn from your team, understanding how you do business and how you like to treat your customers. This ensures that we uphold your brand and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


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