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We Design, Develop and Deliver Multi-Channel communication solutions


Our aim is to understand your business as well as you do. We put boots on the ground to experience the challenges that face your business. Only through a full understanding of your environment can we design a solution that is truly fit for purpose.


The Develop stage allows us to put what we’ve learned into action. The design of the solution begins to take shape. Teams are assembled, resources assigned and budgets managed. The foundations are laid to enable the solution to be delivered.


The ground work has been laid now its time to Go Live. The testing has been completed. All the hard work culminates in this moment. Slowly but surely the service comes to life bringing with it real, tangible benefits. 


Projects finished on time


Average savings following a digitisation project


Average head count reduction following outsourcing of back office

Company Founders

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Nick Keegan

Nick Keegan

Chief Executive Officer

Nick is one of the co-founders and CEO. He is responsible for sales, business development and sets the direction for the company.

Marcin Jernas

Marcin Jernas

Chief Technical Officer

Marcin is one of the co-founders and CTO. He is our main solutions architect and is responsible for all major technology projects.

Pawel Jernas

Pawel Jernas

Chief Project Officer

Pawel is one of the co-founders and CPO. He is responsible for overseeing all projects, managing the allocation of resources and ensuring projects run smoothly.


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